A film by Bridget O’Driscoll


Gaspard, 17 years old, relentlessly records everyday sounds in the hope of waking up his mother who is in a deep coma. But for his father, these experiences isolate him more and more from the outside world, and jeopardize the fragile balance of the family. Will Gaspard’s obsessive determination pay off?

A Dolce Vita Films production in coproduction with Pictanovo.








Cast & Crew

  • Script: Bridget O’DRISCOLL & Jérôme WICIAK
  • Director of photography:Boubkar BENZABAT
  • Editor: Nathalie LANGLADE
  • Original score:Anne-Sophie VERSNAEYEN
  • Producer:Claire CHASSAGNE
Main Cast :

Théo AUGIER, Jérôme BIDAUX, Marie-Agnès GILLOT & Erin WICIAK

Duration: 16 minutes


Dolcevita Films