Red Jungle

Red Jungle is an animated feature film by Juan José Lozano and Zoltan Horvath, in coproduction with Intermezzo (Switzerland), Nadasdy Films (Switzerland) and Tchack (France).



On March 1st 2008, Commander Raul Reyes, number 2 of the FARC, died in the jungle under the ton of bombs dropped by the CIA and the Colombian army. Along with his corpse, the soldiers retrieved his computers: ten years of letters written by the man in charge of negotiating the release of a hundred of hostages (including Ingrid Betancourt), who also acted as the head of foreign affairs of the oldest communist guerrilla in the world. An amazing testimony where we meet politicians, journalists, arms dealers, diplomats, hitmen, his close relations and even his kids. “The red jungle” delves into the mindset of this man who rules the FARC with an iron fist, as the revolutionary utopia was slowly turning into a nightmare.




Dolcevita Films