Legal Aid

A film by Hannelore Cayre


Reaching 40, Antoine LAHOUD is an enthusiastic criminal lawyer deceived by his trade. He drags his good Samaritan soul through appointed lawyer affairs, filled with pitiful gangsters and day-to-day dealers. One day, during a plea, Henry Marsac notices him: A big time lawyer with a sulphurous reputation. Marsac takes Lahoud under his wing. Lahoud finally reaches the luxury, the easy money and the spectacular cases he’s been dreaming of since he took oath. Until the day Marsac comes to light: he did not recruit him for his defenders capacities but because he looks very much like one of his clients: Sellem, a notorious gangster, imprisoned for organized crime


In coproduction with Bac Films, Arte France Cinéma and Rhône-Alpes Cinéma with the participation from Canal+, Cinécinéma and Arte & the support from the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée.
Distribution & World Sales: Bac Films



Cast & Crew

  • Script: Hannelore CAYRE based on her novel
  • Director of photography: Benoît CHAMAILLARD
  • Production designer: Marie-Hélène SULMONI
  • Costumes: Viginie ALBA
  • Sound Operators: Pacal ARMANT et Philippe LECOCQ
  • Editor: Lisa PFEIFFER
  • Mixer: Gildas MERCIER
  • Musique: Charly N’GUYEN KIM
  • Producers: Marc & Nathalie IRMER
  • Cast: Roshdy ZEM

Jean-Philippe ECOFFEY
Mathias MLEKUZ
Jean-Pierre MARTINS

Duration: 95 minutes

Shooting format: 35mm

Screening format: 35mm 1:1,85


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