A film by Philippe Aractingi


July 12, 2006, another war broke out in Lebanon. Director Philippe Aractingi sees the third time leave the country to settle elsewhere . On the military boat that takes with his family in France , he realized that it ‘s been seven generations each of its ancestors like him, fled war or a massacre.

With a powerful motivation, that understand and convey to their children the lessons of the past , he decided to return to the legacy of his family and that of the Levant. The fall of the Ottoman Empire , the French mandate , the creation of Israel, Pan-Arabism , the Lebanese civil war … in seven chapters , he takes us with humor and lightness in East both distant and familiar.

Made in the family circle, HERITAGE is made of multifaceted where past and present reflected in an innovative and playful mural. And as in the tradition of the family circus , everyone , from the smallest to the largest, plays the role of a grandfather in addition to its own role.

This ” autobiographical novel image” mixes archives and home movies , linking history to the diary. He takes us by the authenticity of his approach, in simple and universal questions. Must we go into exile to find peace ? Should we get rid of his legacy to be free ?



A France-Liban co production between Dolce Vita Films and Fantascope Production withe the  participation of the OIF, the CNC, the MFG Baden Württemberg, in coproduction with the  INA, AMKA Films, the RSI and ENJAAZ.


Cast & Crew

  • Script: Philippe and Diane Aractingi
  • Score: René Aubry, Olivier Milchberg
  • Production: Marc IRMER, Philippe and Diane Aractingi

Running time: 95 minutes

Shooting format: HD Cam





Dolcevita Films