A Period Piece

A film by Shuchi Talati


Geetha finally has sex with Vehd one afternoon, but things turn messy over blood stains her pristine couch.



An american and french coproduction between Scrappy Pictures (USA), Sand & Snow Films (USA) en coproduction avec Dolce Vita Films (France)








Cast & Crew

  • Script: Shuchi TALATI
  • Director of photography: Jih-E PENG
  • Editor: Shuchi TALATI et Kent BASSET
  • Original score: Sonal AGGARWAL
  • Producers: Shuchi TALATI, Esra SAYDAM and Claire CHASSAGNE
Main Cast :

Sonal Aggarwal
Nardeep Khurmi

Duration: 12 minutes


Dolcevita Films